Monday, September 22, 2008

You're So Good to be True...

..Can't take my eyes off of you. Oh how I enjoy hearing that song. But it makes me wonder how some things are too good to be true especially when it comes to hearing that something is FREE! I am even more skeptical when it comes to "doctor-recommended" or the "1-5 dermatologists" or even the "#1 product of America". I wonder what restrictions it has to be able to say that it is true. We probably don't notice but there is an asteric at the end of the statement that refers to some fine print in the back of the product that states that it was really a survey that gave the doctors unlimited samples of the product back in 1992. To actually believe the accuracy of the product use it would just have to be a trial I would conduct on myself. Do I like this product after using it for a week? maybe. But still there are the long term results I look forward to to really be convinced of its effectiveness.

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