Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Allergic to Life!

As far as I know I am not allergic to anything...except sometimes I feel allergic to life. I believe that I have control over my lifestyle due to the decisions I make and how my behavior affects the outcomes of situations. I for the most part also decide what I want and don't want to eat and drink. Except for the times where my mom makes me eat all my vegetables! ekk! I dislike carrots...maybe if I ate more of them I would have better vision but so far it hasn't been that troublesome. I have several friends that are allergic to chocolate, dairy, peanuts, dust mites, to mosquitos! Then it makes my wonder for the ones allergic to certain nuts and dairy how accurate are food labels to identify that its product may be made in a factory that uses peanuts. The FDA at a public hearing plans to bring up those specific issues where food labeling to the extreme has become confusing to many people with food allergies. In the past even more products have been labeled with warnings to certain allergies leaving little choice for people even though the percentage of any contamination is quite low. I question if it would really make a difference if the FDA regulated the food labels to be clearer for others. If that were the fact then there should be stricter guidelines in the restaraunts as far as what ingredients are used before hand so customers have more options and not be questioning the waitress who has to go back to the cook and find out. oh well i guess it makes life easier not being allergic to food...imagine if i had no buds to taste food...but thats another story

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