Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Ecosystem We Live In

We may live in buildings which are up to the city's housing codes but even to those standards are we really living in a safe environment? For those who are gearing towards greener buildings not just in office buildings, schools, your local store, and even the city's infrastructure what more is there to do. One of my favorite things to do (but honestly I haven't been faithful to it) is take a canvas tote bag to the local supermarket instead of using plastic bags (which can also be recycled!) and place my purchased items in it. However it is not as common in this area for people to use a substitue bag. For those who by frozen/refrigerated items there are special bags that have a thermal lining that can help in maintaining the items cold for about 3 hours. Another thing that excites me is how Edinburg has signed up to dedicating itself to become a "Green Cities" advocate, one of the first cities in the RGV to sign up. I have read about different communities, commonly up North (besides the fact that everything in the U.S. is North to us), that built eco-friendly housing along with other facilities such as a common house, office building, a farmland, and nearby walking trails. They sound like peaceful environments secluded from the busy industrialized world. Sounds like a nice vacation (but I do appreciate the indoor plumbing/electricity/internet/air conditioner).

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