Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Aftermath

Hurricaine Ike has already landed and hit Texas. The aftermath begins. The electricity is out. Clean water is scarce. Water isn't though since many of the infratsructure is flooded. It will take a little longer than expected for the area to recover. At least people were evacuated and those who stayed behind and then tried to leave were being rescued. The Texas bay area has been greatly affected but not to overshadow the hurricaine from the week before that hit Lousiana. For the weeks to follow we won't have to hear how the situation could have been prevented or how someone is to blame. Now people will have to argue with FEMA or their insurance policies to see what really was covered by life, flood, disaster insurance. It is a different story but still with problems. What can we do to prevent a hurricaine? I say we should protest! The scientists who can use technology and predict their presence should be in charge of getting rid of them. Its like if we close our eyes maybe its not really there. It would save a lot of trouble.

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