Sunday, September 7, 2008

The new fashion design

Today I was thankful enough to have extra time to sleep in. One of the projects I have for today is with a group of friends to make a banner decorated with recycled materials (but using a used bed sheet as the background). It was quite challenging since I haven't made a lot of crafts using the basic scraps of recycling materials. However the draft will have the Earth made out of Capri Sun cardboard boxes since they are green and blue, then for the parts of the land they pieces are flipped over. The we make out the word 'Recycle' in brown hemp to look earthy. The name of the building the banner for will be written out at the top. We made the lettering first by taking off all the labels of plastic bottles that were already in the recycling bin and also cutting up some of the food cardboard boxes. We flattened them out and taped them to each other in order of color. Then we traced out the word and cut them out. So far it looks good and its taken longer than what I thought it would. This week we'll finish it up and I'll put up a wonderful picture!

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