Thursday, September 18, 2008

what did you say?

In class lectures sometimes it is hard to pay attention 100%. I suppose its the average attention span of a student. Even with the years (decades!) of school I have attended I have trained to pay attention for longer periods of time. When there is a subject I am very interested in it can still be challenging to pay attention throughout the whole lecture without having at least one distracting thought. What am I going to eat for lunch today? Or what do I have to study for this week? At least they can be productive thoughts of some sort. For the subjects I least like well... I thought I had gotten away from those since this is college and you are supposed to be studying the classes you want to for your MAJOR and usually refers to what you will be studying your entire LIFE! (reference to U-N-I-V but that was a really long time ago and you have to make the best of it). The classes that I do pay attention the most also tend to be the hardest ones because I don't want to miss a thing. The problem is that sometimes you don't even know what the heck you are writing down...but you learn to accept it and move on. Or go to tutoring, ask for help, ask the person next to you, or learn not to have signed up for the class in the first place. Sometimes I am afraid to be distracted in classes with the professors that I am deathly afraid of. These happen to be the more open minded ones (which really isn't so bad) but pick on you during class and there is no escape. But I learn a lot in those classes and never sign up for the professor again!

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