Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Secret Ingredient

I like to bake! From cookies to cakes to brownies...baking is fun for me. When I'm by myself I cheat through buying a packet only adding the basic ingredients to make a delicious snack! However, when I am with my mom I allow her to do all the work and create a tastey homemade work of art from blueberry muffins to wheat almond waffles that last no more than five minutes til they reach my digestive system. It just takes that special ingredient (and love) to make something extra special. Thats right it a small addition, any individual, can make a difference to change things for the better, a big difference! That brings me to think about CONSERVATION! That is trying to conserve energy because even leaving that one light bulb on overnight may not make a difference in your light bill it DOES make a small but powerful dent in the energy usage. If you acculmulate all the light bulbs left on in the county in the state in the nation it makes a significant contribute to energy usage. Just think about that the next time you can't fall asleep because you are afraid of the dark just read or do homework and you'll fall asleep just fine!

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