Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things that fly...

Too many mosquitos live here in the Valley. They have a pernament home in our homes since they replicate out of the blue. Every time that it rains out of the smallest idle puddle their nest is harvested and hundreds upon thousands invade the local community. Though some actions are taking to destroy the nests and fumigate the nearby areas the mosquitos still survive. It is like what I saw on a souvenir at the local super market, "Edinburg, Texas: Texas State Bird" and at the bottom of it was a huge image of a mosquito. When I last purchased a bottle of mosquito repellant I invested in the DeepWoods Level IV (which doesn't smell that bad) and it worked! I noticed something also that I hadn't seen on other bottles. It said "Can repell mosquitos that may carry the West Nile Virus". Talk about being scared (or at least for the moment very scared). This virus is quite serious and has taken the lives of people every year here in the U.S. and unfortunately even more overseas. Now the precautions are being made more aware for people to take action but more information and other types of preventative care is necessary.

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