Monday, September 8, 2008

Gamers Beware!

Or should I say NON-gamers! There has always been controversy over how some video games contain violence in the virtual world and how it is transferred into reality. Imagining that you are part of a surreal world and spending time fixed upon the t.v. screen to help you imagine that world doesn't seem like a bad thing. However when it is more than 3 or 4 hours each day and you stop eating or doing work or even taking on responsibilities then that is something to question. If you are exposed to some sort of violence each day including through video games does that transfer through a person to have a violent attitude? It may not be the real thing with the physical and emotional aspects in real life but in the virtual world you can emotionally get attached to the game and a physical stress can occur on your body. The arguement comes up with if it is a learned act due to other factors before or besides the video games. The other is that because of the video games a violent act was learned as a result from excessively using them. You ask what part the brain takes in translating the information seen on the screen and the imagination if it has anything to do with going to the next level. Whether that level is just compartmentalizing it or thriving on it to use it in the "real world". I suppose you just have to decide for yourself when you play video game that can be as exciting as stealing and beating up people or just moving on with your life.

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