Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Formula

Today in the news China recalled hundreds of millions of baby formula. Lab results showed that some form of toxic chemical was present sending a dozen babies to the hospital and killing one. However, this was not believed to have been an accidental contamination. The numbers in high quantity show that it was purposely put into the formulas to make it meet certain food standards. The formula was diluted with water but for it to contain a certain amount of nutrients the chemical was added which in small does for an adult it would not be damaging. However the amount found in the formula was enough to make kidney stones and cause other complications in the infants. The formula's company maker announced that those involved with the contamination would be found and would pay the price. As more cases were popping up across China the recall was mandated and even announced overseas. The recall would account for a large number of product to be returned as controversy struck in. The known dilema was said to have been discovered as early as August however the markets that sold the product were said they did not want to return it if it were recalled allowing people to easily become affected.

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