Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Land Farm....Ocean Farm

The traditional farm we view has the red barnhouse with cattle surrounding it. There are acres of grass with corn, wheat, and cotton growing as far as you can see. There are even "water farms" where fish are bred and grown in a man-made lake. But when you hear a wind farm what comes to mind? Just an empty field with wind blowing in all directions...maybe a tornado or cyclone? Now in parts of the world countries are aiming to begin wind farms. Denmark currently has an offshore wind farm where tall "wind driven turbines" are built far in the distance off the coastline to help provide as a power source for energy. Goals for Delaware to make one of the first wind farms in the U.S. are in the process. Wind farms will most likely be built across the Atlanic coast since other parts have a low ocean floor already not so far in the distance. I found it interesting to see how the future of our electricity may be dependant on a more "ocean farm". It seems like an exciting idea since we are spreading out to use even MORE of our natural resources by destroying part of the ecosystems in the ocean. There is a significant number of species in the water than there is on land. To what extent would it affect the marine life if this supposed eco-friendly system. I do believe that wind farms, from what I have seen and read (not much to tell the truth), are a better alternative than digging much for coal and oil. Hopefully by the time we become too dependant on this offshore wind farms they will think of another alternative. But that is what they probably are thinking about oil. Just to use up all the oil resources we have now because when we run out they will have another alternative. But that is also a different story.

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