Monday, November 24, 2008

The Terminal 2

As I was reading a 'news' article it informed me of a resident at the Mexico City airport.This man came to the airport had his ticket and everything but decided not to leave it. He stays in the building sleeping on a chair and gets donations from people who takes pictures with him. Even the local restaurants give him food (THAT IS RIGHT MEXICANS HELP OTHERS!) so that he can survive. But is he being a bum? Well he hasn't showered in the longest time and seems to be growing out a 'fro! There are others that live out on the street and ask for donations and guess what they are able to survive! On the local fox news the other day there was a special report over how much money people on the side of the road. Can they live off of it? Quite generously but who wants to be doing that everyday especially if it has detrimental affects on your health. But surely the report expressed the generousity in Mission when one of the undercover reporters dressed up as a pregnant woman. There is good in this world! =)

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