Friday, November 28, 2008

the holy black friday

When I first heard of the term 'Black Friday' I thought it was like "Black Monday" and why does everyone make a huge fuss over it if it is supposed to signify the horrible economy of the stock market. Well from my deductions and having participated in several Black Fridays it is supposed to bring out people in hiding to make purchases for the year. However with our current economic standing it was no surprise to see a huge decrease in the number of people during the sales. I had seen some outrageous prices savings which I took advantage of but also saw other items and the same price throughout the whole year. I really wanted a DVD player (since I accidentally broke mine the other day) but I found none priced at $10 so I guess I will be enjoying my movies from the computer. The mall was deserted (thank goodness!) but I still found those individual stores with people packed and what I believe were paying too much for overpriced clothing. Say no to $199 imported sweater! Just go to Walmart and purchase a warm jacket for $8. You can even buy two of them to keep yourself warmer!

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