Thursday, November 6, 2008

So again...

So again with the new president thing...what is our outlook for the next two months. What advertisement of Obama will we see. Will he give us a Hallmark Thanksgiving Day or nice present for Christmas? Maybe, my friend received an email of him asking for more donations the day after the election! I was apalled! What more does he want...that is why donating his funds to the economy will help us out in general! I am sure the entire nation can get a $5 coupon to the Dairy Queen (that is including children too). But more importantly his campaign really has helped create more jobs to help stimulate the economy. People will then spend that money. Did you see all the supporters at the rally on election day? I am sure they filled up their cars with gas (or bought a metro ticket) and stopped somewhere to get a bite to eat at some small business, and then maybe were too tired to go back home and stayed in a hotel for the night. He did help stimulate the economy for a bit. And then he kept some people at home (McCain supporters) from going to a rally (because it was a bit pointless) and therefore helped save the Earth. Less pollution and movement of people! You see Obama does affect the environment.

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