Sunday, November 23, 2008

Am I One of Them?

A human part of the human race I believe in equality for all. However, we are always finding ways to separate ourselves economically, in education, by titles, our beliefs, and culturally. Its not a bad thing. It is what makes us different and helps us learn about each other to see how diverse the world is. I want to know at what point though are we able to make our decisions about these things. We are born into a middle-class American household then we are expected to go to college (hopefully on scholarship!) and then have to work full time (because FASFA says your family makes enough money to support you fully as long as they have no fun or eat for the next 4-5 and 1/2 years.) to pay for books and ramen noodles throughout college. Then you get a great job (something you probably don't really like) get married (settle down) and have kids (who will have to support you once you retire from your crappy job)...but thats the life you need to survive nowadays. But do you actually get to choose what to do? I suppose you do since that is why there are crimminals which may make the wrong decision or decide to run for office. Anyways...just curious because sometimes when we complain about the simpliest things (I do) on the other side of the world people are working harder to get to where it is simple for us to get.

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