Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheater Cheater

by Joey and Rory. Where'd you meet her? and so on. Sometimes I wish I was invisible! Just so I can take better pictures. So others wouldn't know I was there and be able to 'capture' the moment! Then I would be all up in their space but still be able to get the weird angles and be up close and personal. Then almost be able to capture their thoughts...what they are thinking as they are holding certaining positions. Not capture the words in a conversation but the emotions. Sometimes I wish I also had 'green' magical powers or green wishes. It would be that if someone were to improperly throw trash into a recycling bin...that they didn't take the time to read it (their fault) or that they chose to ignore it (really their fault!) then the food would eject itself back and only land on the person who threw it away (so that the surrounding areas don't get dirty. So that for once people would learn to throw trash in the trash can (and maybe learn to use less waste so that they don't have to be throwing stuff away anyways) and recyclables in their proper bins.

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