Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Pre-Halloween!

Guess what it is! It is the day before Halloween. Though I think last year I was more excited. Maybe its because I'm getting old. Ah what science does to you, "we are all dying" everyday in fact. Because our cells are exposed to pollutants and who knows what else (well we do know some other stuff). But with botox these days you can do anything! Have you seen Cindy McCain?! She has those piercing blue eyes and smooth skin that you can almost see her skeleton! She is keeping up with these fads. But have you seen her neck?! It looks mismatched (she missed a sections). I am scared of using creams and injections because I don't want to become dependant on them and then have to use a whole bottle of it every week just to keep up with it. I wonder how the cells would become depandant on it. Just look a bit lackluster every week and then I'll have to stop dyeing my hair. It will be looking 25 years older overnight.

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