Saturday, October 18, 2008

ahhhhh, ahhhh, can't take it

there is sooo much going on in school! I'm not as young as I use to be! Well realizing that yesterday we needed a multiparty system I think I will look back on that. As we learned in history at the beginning of America's government reign our top officials represented different parties. You might think that the politicals would butt heads on everything and laws wouldn't be past. But even due to their stubborness they presented different ideas and more importantly the different views of the people. In a way it was a compromise of the people. It gave preferance to everyone and could possibly include all the views within the reign of the law. However, now it is the voice of the majority. Or the electoral college votes that get in the voice that may not respectfully speak the voice of the people. We are supposed to have an equal opportunity to vote which ideally seems fair. However, still people can be blocked from voting and if the popular vote doesn't count then it can be discourgaing to that one person who decides NOT to vote. But if 1,000 people think the same way and don't vote well then its that 1,000 people that really could have made a difference.

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