Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Thinking Arby's...

Actually I think not. Fast food is not attractive to me but the other day I went on a binge. Went to Wendy's got a Texas double cheeseburger and a Cesar salad (and actually used the dressing!). However I was disappointed when the tiny burger fit in the palm of my hand and then calories spread throughout my whole body. Oh well, it just reminded me why I would rather eat a stick of celery. Nutrition is an important aspect of my life. I usually eat healthier or invest in eating high energy foods well to keep me sustained. I don't like greasy foods, a lot of cheese, and also choose the healthier choice. But that doesn't always keep me from pizza, burgers, and cookies. I learn to make sacrifices to enjoy other foods. But that is what life is all about. Giving up time and money for the somewhat less important things to work hard and enjoy little time. But that is something I don't want to strive for. Wherever life leads me (through the choices I make) I want to be satisfied, I will work hard for it, but I want to enjoy it and know that it is something I can do for part of it.

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