Thursday, October 9, 2008

As if we didn't know...

The area of where we live is one of the most diverse areas. At the Santa Ana Wildlife Refugee there are 4 different types of climates from subtropics, the gulf coast, the great plains and the desert. From what I have been told from residents of the Valley it was not more than several decades ago that weather was completely different. It was paradise or the tropic weather. Now having grown up hear for the latter part of my so far life its hot and humid 24/7. It seems in the aftermath of hurricaine Dolly the weather has been cooler and quite enjoyable. Then there is the periodic but more random time for rain. I was wearing shorts the other day but then the next more was bundled up more. From what a friend help make me aware of we are being challenged by a Climate Change (rather than Global Warming) and have to adapt to it.

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