Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drinking does what?

According some studies scientists have found that alcohol shrinks your brain. Well this is excessive alcohol drinking contributes to "brain shrinkage" over time in addition to how it shrinks as you get older. Even though there are benefits of drinking alcohol such as wine to help with heart disease it still is a contributing factor. I found it interesting because the human race has evolved to have a larger skull and therefore brain. Our ancestors had further developed their limbs and spinal cord before their brain evolved. Now we have the control and possibility of going backwards. Imagine that! Just like with smoking, before it was tobacco people would chew. Now its implemented into cigarrettes along with hundreds of toxins and nicotine that is just killing our cells! hm...will we be able to evolve one day where smoking is safe as drinking water? (but thats another story!).

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