Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It was a bug?

That is all it was. While hearing on the news about a somewhat supernatural being my mind was skeptic. In some gym somewhere in America, the owner was reviewing their surveillance cameras and saw a glowing object traveling over the gym. Not being able to identify the object other people tried to but failed. If anything it was turning into a frenzy when the locals wanted to name the image. However, when looking at it from a scientific standpoint and looking for actual facts as proof, a writer for "science in skeptics" viewed the situation practically. He claimed that only one camera captured the image and believed that it could have been a glitch for that one. Also the image was glowing but it is not clear what it was meaning that it probably was close up to the camera that it could not focus on it. Also the image and not repeated itself on the camera. I suppose that it is a logical explanation. I just wonder if other cameras could have been able to capture the "bug" that would have been in the way of the spooky camera. Just zoom in and see if its there then any doubt is laid to rest.

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