Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last day!

Today is the last day of classes...for some people. Are you happy? I know I am! I enjoy the dead days since it gives me extra time to study not that attending one or two classes would hurt my time (but it does give me some extra sleeping time!). As I was reading a special report on cnn about the science of your appetite. I learned that if you take a break from eating and brush your teeth it will lessen your appetite because it doesn't taste as good as it did before. The accumulation of all those sugars in your mouth washed away. Also, if you eat foods with a lot of fiber they help stimulate the cells that decrease your appetite. It also went along with the same old breakfast is good for you. It is when you are consistent because then it helps regulates hormones and decreases hunger. Imagine that, it is also good an stimulating parts of your brain that can help keep you active throughout the day with concentration. I'm about to go have me some breakfast!

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