Wednesday, August 27, 2008

another day

Classes were better today..we reviewed info for bio writing. We spoke about what an rss feed was. We also spoke about how we are all idiots! or at least that we aren't perfect and can look pretty stupid sometimes so we don't have to feel pretty bad about ourselves. Another issue we discussed was how scientists can be poor writers. Maybe its because their heads are so full of knowledge that its hard to express themselves through emotions and then through writing. A lot of times when I read peer reviewed articles the abstract is easy to understand (which I supppose is part of the goal in writing an abstract). However once you go further into the article information it is not explained into detail as much because the sentence stated is usually referred and cited to another resource with the background information. It becomes even more difficult when they talk about the certain tests and procedures conducted of which you have never heard of and its not mentioned (in detail) the relevance it has on the results. Justing know what the test looks for when conducted and other pertinant information helps out in knowing why the results are even more inportnant! Oh well...that is enough thinking for today...hopefully to some extent my thoughts were written out clearly. ciao!

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